Vaxis is one of GMCINE’s brands, established in 2014, devoted to providing a more reliable professional wireless video system for film and TV industry.


With world-leading R & D and manufacturing technology, Vaxis product has been unanimously recognized and praised by users from all fields, widely used in many international films, commercial advertisements, documentaries, Korea summit, Chinese Mid-autumn party, and other international occasions. The dealers cover 29 countries around the world.


In the past five years, the Vaxis Storm series is our flagship wireless video system, supported and loved by masses of Vaxis users, which basically covered all the possible using demand for different users, different occasions, and different equipment, and we are continuously improving our products and service.

At the beginning of 2020, Vaxis pressed the first highly anticipated consumer-grade wireless video system: Vaxis Atom 500. ATOM 500 wireless video system is mainly featured with the affordable price, durable design, and reliable signal transmission. And we will have more Atom series products are in the roadmap.


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